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Luxe Trading

Luxe Trading is a privately held conglomerate located in USA and DR Congo. We are in the business of Sourcing & Supply Chain Management of Natural Resources by acting as independent commodity trading provider. We implement Market Knowledge at the country level along with established relationships at the local level as our main business Strategy. Luxe is made up of an established consortium of private mine owners and Land owners with established
mineral rights in Central Africa. The objective of the enterprise / consortium is to continue market development and infrastructure investment by promoting our relationships via mineral offerings
while expanding our Categories of Natural minerals of either Raw or finished products, consequently reducing the acquisition cost while ensuring 100% order fulfillment to our customers.

What Luxe Trading does?

Luxe’s supply chain & Procurement Team is aligned with the business strategy to advance our business objectives consequently achieving sustained, profitable growth. Our business strategy drives our supply chain design decisions, as we execute flawlessly on our local supply chain’s
tactical features. (Private Mining, Mineral right Land Owners & Local Government entities).

We are well aware that our Supply Chain bridged with our Procurement process is our competitive advantage and ensures fulfillment for our international customers.

We execute our Business Strategy by way of our Supply Chain advantage by bridging the gap between strategy and implementation consequently ensuring successful fulfillment, backed with operational expertise.

Three areas of Luxe Global Sourcing & Procurement Competitive Advantage to our Buyer:

Define Luxe Buyer Relationship:
  • Partner with buyers that understand our cost structures and strategic importance to their business.
  • Partner with buyers that avoid squeezing so hard they put our sourcing relationship at risk, which benefits no one, especially where strategic relationships have been carefully cultivated over many years. (i.e. Private Mine owners & Oil Refinery relationships)
  • Avoid onerous terms from buyers that squeeze Luxe on price or other purchasing terms. Otherwise we’ll have to mitigate these risks by purchasing insurance or raising prices down the line.
Increase Luxe capex efficiency:
  • Review and revisit capital spending on unproven customers by deferring or canceling one off projects that don’t yield the right balance between short-term cost reduction and long-term optimization
  • Strategically minded Procurement implementation with companies that have strong balance sheets given the sector inflation warning
Develop a culture of cost-consciousness – Luxe “LEAN” Practice
  • Understand the total cost of ownership with a keen focus on short-term savings, especially in lean times.
  • Applying total cost of ownership correctly

Building A Better Future


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International Awards

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Luxe’s Trading’s core competency is our Supply Chain & Sourcing Domain

Mineral: Focus on Extraction, Production & Manaufacturing

  • Copper Extraction & Production

Oil: Focus on Sourcing & Procurement

  • D2 GOST305-82
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)


  • Industrial Diamonds
  • Gem Stones